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⭐60 seconds Binary Options Strategy⭐

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Binary options trading is a popular method of trading assets along with stocks and Forex trading. Although you can choose different time frames for binary options trades, plenty of binary options traders choose to trade 60 seconds binary options because they consider it to be more lucrative.

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What are 60 Second Binary Options?

Before reading this post, you have to know that binary options are financial contracts with an all or nothing reward. That is why they are called binary options: there are no other options for settlement. A binary option is based on a simple yes or no proposition: Will an asset be worth more than a certain amount at a specific moment in time? For 60 second binary options that moment in time is exactly 60 seconds after that trade was placed.

💥Pros and cons of 60 Second Binary Options💥

Many binary options traders prefer trading 60 second binary options because they allow you to make profits more quickly. Here are its pros:

👍 Pros

•You can profit from the most insignificant price fluctuations that might take place in 60 seconds

•Because of the short time, you can make multiple successful trades during one hour

•You only have to analyze the graphics for that day or even only a few hours to be able to accurately predict how the price will fluctuate in the next 60 seconds

•It is a quick way to make big profits if you place a successful trade because the whole process only takes one minute

Although 60-second binary options have very attractive pros, they also have some cons you have to be aware of before trading them. Here they are:

👎 Cons

•You can quickly lose your whole investment if you are not careful with the trade you execute

•During a longer-term binary options trade, the value of an asset might fluctuate considerably, but in the end, to hit the desired price and make you win that trade. While in a 60-second binary option, lots of things might not go as expected and make you lose that trade

•It is considered riskier than trading longer period binary options


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