Penelope Hughes

April 3, 2020

15 Minutes Strategy πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Όβš‘οΈ

Risk Disclaimer: Trading always involves high levels of risk, that’s why I don’t only teach you about strategies, but I also direct you ways to avoid risk and to manage your money on this page, You are always welcome to ask your questions for winning your trade πŸ™‚
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This strategy simply states that a trader should track assets on the 15 minutes time frame. If there are 3 or more successive candlesticks of the same color, a trader should buy a binary option after two minutes hopeful for a rolling back. For example, if a trader sees three successive white candles close, then a new candle opens and it moves in the opposite direction. The trader should wait for 2 minutes and buy Put binary options with an expiration time set at the close of the current candle which is ideally after 13 minutes (meaning 15 minutes of the time frame minus the 2 minutes waiting).

Watch out this video till the end to inculcate yourself more with the strategy:

Buying an option is also recommended if the bodies of three similar successful color candles collectively add up to make more than fifteen points.


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