An illustration of how to spot and trade an uptrend (Visit our website news feeds …

An illustration of how to spot and trade an uptrend

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Numerous examples of potential trades employing support or the penetration of resistance on rising volume can be seen on the Meta (previously Facebook) Inc. chart to the top.

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Arrows have been used to indicate some longs that have broken resistance on higher volume. The price stabilized before bursting higher during an overall rise. It was crucial to wait for the volume to rise; otherwise, trades might have been entered prematurely or at less than optimum periods.

Some of the possible transactions that took place during pullbacks or close to support are shown by the little green arrows that are not connected to volume rises. Many different techniques can be related to uptrends. These are only general entrance techniques that are being used as examples. Trades were avoided when the price was falling.

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Over time, higher peaks and troughs indicate an uptrend, which implies investor optimism. A shift in the supply of stocks that investors wish to purchase in relation to the supply of shares currently trading on the market drives trends to change. Trends frequently correlate with improvements in the external circumstances of the security, whether macroeconomic or especially linked to the commercial strategy of a corporation.


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