Penelope Hughes

March 17, 2020

Ever heard of Brit Method??? Unveiling Scams 👨‍💼

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The Brit Method, created by Jason Taylor designed to make millionaires out of those who trade in the binary options market. According to Taylor, there is no experience needed; simply sign up for the Brit Method and you will be making money in as little as sixty minutes.

The Brit Method requires you to make an initial deposit $350. Surprisingly, after doing so, you are still not given the secret to making money in binary options. You are basically supposed to do all of the work on your own and the system is not even regulated.

Experienced binary options traders know that, while simple to understand, the world of binary trading can also prove complex and necessitate the use of advanced tools and analysis. If you believe you’ll receive what you need with The Brit Method, then sadly you’re mistaken. Basically, you are throwing away your hard-earned money.

Is Brit Method a Scam?

The home page video catches your attention and appeals to your sense of eagerness to make money. But the system doesn’t offer much at all for traders. Even after making the first deposit, you don’t receive any special insights or techniques or tools to help you profit with binary options.

In fact, based on what we found, hardly anybody has made money with The Brit Method thus far. So you’d just be freely handing over your money to the developers.

So, though not fully confirmed, it looks like The Brit Method is, in fact, another scamming opportunity by someone looking to part traders with their money. Nothing on the website indicates to us that it has anything helpful and trustworthy to offer serious binary options traders.

In addition, we also found a very similar site to the Brit Method. Many dodgy people within the industry create multiple sites, sometimes even simultaneously, that have the same look, feel, and purpose. This sign also points to The Brit Method as unreliable.

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