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Forex trading sessions

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One of the reasons why traders choose forex is that there are opportunities around the clock. As different markets open, you can trade binary option contracts based on the various currencies, with short-term and longer-term options available.

8 a.m. ET is considered the time the cash market opens, as this is the time of the U.S. market opening. You can access greater degrees of volatility across the board at this time.

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In the attached picture, there is a summary of forex market opening times, when you can expect more opportunities to trade.

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Trading time frames with Nadex!!!

With Nadex, there are multiple time frames in which you can trade. There are short-term intraday contracts, through to daily and even weekly durations. This provides a great deal of flexibility to satisfy any trading style.

Whether you are an β€˜edge-of-your-seat’ type of trader looking for second-by-second opportunities, more of a day trader, or even a swing trader, there is a contract suited to you.

With markets trading 23 hours per day, Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon, there will be opportunity on your schedule.

Additionally, because there is no pattern day trader rule, you are free to trade as often as you like, no matter your account size.


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