Penelope Hughes

May 8, 2020

How to choose the expiration time?

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I normally choose a expiration time of 2-5 times the chart timeframe! If I´m looking in 1 Minute Charts, I trade 2- 5 Minute Digital options. When I´m unsure that my prediction is correct, i tend to trade shorter Digital options. When I trade against the trend, I also trade shorter Digital options.

What when the market moves against me?

This depends on many things. But when the first trade is in trend direction (And it still looks like this is correct) I will keep the position and enter a second position with a higher investment amount but the same expiration point! This way I have a good chance that I win back the first position, or even to win both positions if the amrkets turn in my direction! When I´m unsure, or the trend seems to reverse, I close the position or let it run into a loss! Losing is a normal thing in trading, as long as you win more as you lose it is just a part of trading.

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