Penelope Hughes

March 12, 2020

Let’s have a look at Frequently Asked Questions about Pocket Options

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🔴Is Pocket Option a Scam?🔴

No. There is absolutely no proven case that pocket option did not payout or anything else! Anyway, there is always a risk involved in trading, and some good brokers become bad brokers over time! That is the reason why you always should split your capital between several brokers, this way a broker leaving the market won´t be able to take away your whole capital at once! (In fact, this never happened to me in 10 years of trading binary options, there was only one case where it took approx. 2 Month for my money to appear in my bank account).

🔴Whats the best option to deposit and withdraw?🔴

In my experience, the best options are Cryptocurrencies as the fees are the lowest depending on the currency you choose (Tip: Doge and ripple are low on fees!), but this depends on the country of residence! If you do not know where to buy cryptocurrencies, and how to send them.

🔴Cryptocurrency Binary Options — Are they better?🔴

This can be said in general. Cryptocurrencies tend to move faster and more volatile than other trade able assets, they can also be traded on weekends and all other times, including Christmas for example. So if you are working the whole day, cryptocurrencies can be a solution to trade on weekends without trading over the counter assets.

🔴Is PocketOption a game?🔴

No, You will trade with real money (except if you use the demo account or trade a tournament) so it is not a game. Anyway, a few aspects are very similar, as you can level up for trading a lot and get a reward for doing so. It’s some kind of bonus system with an interesting twist.

🔴How does the Pocket Options Reward “Game” work?🔴

Well, its a bit like a computer game. You will receive experience points for trading, and they can be exchanged into different add-ons, a trading bonus and much more. I recommend taking a look by signing up and clicking on “Achievements”.


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