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Learning Forex the hard way (by losing your investment) doesn’t seem like too much fun, does it? To avoid making costly mistakes, there are several key pieces of advice you should know. This advice might not make you as rich as you’d like to be, but it can help prevent you from losing your shirt.

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1. Where you Stand
Know where you stand. For your best chance to succeed in Forex, know what your possibilities are, the possibilities of success and of loss. Don’t go into trading currency with stars in your eyes and think that while others have lost some investment capital that will never, ever happen to you. It might anyway, but, if you know where you stand because you have a feasible strategy and you’re not going to deviate from that strategy, the odds of you succeeding where others haven’t greatly increase. Have both short term and long term trading goals in place.

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2. Listen to youself
The second best Forex advice is to listen to yourself. You knew what your limitations were when you began your Forex journey with the thought to become the best investor you could be. Don’t try to talk yourself out of that plan. The best Forex advice often comes from your own instinct.

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