Penelope Hughes

February 2, 2020

Trend Analysis for Short-term Traders !!!

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Making sense of trends and time frames is an often confusing task. At any one time, in any given time frame, multiple trends can be at play. There are long term secular trends, shorter-term primary trends, still shorter term secondary trends and yet shorter still near and short term trends. Adding to the confusion of trends in the time frame. What may be easy to spot in a one-time frame may not be so easy to spot in another. This article will help to make some sense out of trend and time frame for binary traders. This is an important aspect of trading and one that I highly recommend everyone master regardless of their chosen strategy. The old saying, “the trend is your friend, trade with your friend” is as true today as the day it was first spoken. Likewise, the saying “a rising tide lifts all boats” is equally apt.

A trend is defined as a general direction in which something is moving or developing. In the case of trading financial assets, a trend is a measurable direction in prices, usually up or down. Trends can and do exist in every time frame and understanding how they work is one key to avoiding frustration. Imagine this, the tide is rolling in and each wave that comes onto the shore is a little higher than the next. All of a sudden one wave pulls way back, looking as if the tide may have turned. Is it more likely that the next wave will meet or exceed the previous high water mark or less? This is the essence of trend analysis, determining the direction of the market tide and the probability that the next wave will be higher or lower than the next.


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