What is an American option? (For checking out my favourite and reliable brokers download this free PDF https://www.dropbox.com…

What is an American option?

(For checking out my favourite and reliable brokers download this free PDF https://www.dropbox.com/s/bs58qnzoxnv56mz/topBOB2021.pdf?dl=0)

The call or put option one can exercise before and after its expiry date is known as an American option.

Options contracts are options trading typically involve a maturity date. It means that you can exercise them according to their maturity date.

There is one difference, however. A trader can exercise most options only when they mature. But it is not true for the American Option. The best part about them is that you can trade them before or after their expiry.

Let us find out more about American Options.

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The derivate contract, American Options, is a contract that traders can exercise at any time. It does not matter whether it has reached its maturity or not.

The holders can benefit from exercising the Option even before it expires or matures. They are higher in value than the European Options. It is because you can exercise their European counterparts when they mature.

While trying to exercise American Options before their due date, you will have to pay a premium.

You will find two kinds of American Options in the market, including:

1. American call option
An investor can exercise these derivate contracts any time before they mature. Hence, one can immensely benefit from exercising these if they choose the most favorable time.

2. American put Option
The put option is the stark opposite of the call option. While holding a put option, a trader can exercise these before they expire or on their expiry day.

=> Benefits of an American option

You must be wondering why people hold these options. Well, the American Option offers plenty of benefits to the investors.

These include the following:

1. We know that an investor can exercise these before the expiry day. It indicates that he can exercise it before the ex-dividend date.

2. It makes them own the stocks and, finally, receive a dividend for the subsequent period.
Holding and exercising options contracts ensure their maximum market participation.

3. It also makes it easier for the investors to fill their pockets with high profits.


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