Why brokers are important (2/2) Following are some other important characteristics of the brokers before choosing that suits you…

Why brokers are important (2/2)
Following are some other important characteristics of the brokers before choosing that suits you.

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4. Rate of Returns

This is one of the most important points to check, since it will determine the amount of money you win from your trades. Of course, the rate of returns isn’t always a decisive factor for your final choice, because the other characteristics are important as well. Keep in mind that usually binary options brokers offer a rate of returns between 65% and 85%, but in some cases the number can be higher.

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Some special types of binary options can offer returns up to 400%, but these are not regular options and we’ll talk about them at a later stage in out tutorial. In short, you should always check the rate of returns offered for Call/Put, One touch, Digital and Range options before registering an account.

5. Technical Tools

Technical tools are important for every binary options trader because they could help you execute your strategies and perform proper technical and fundamental analysis of different assets. It is rare to find a binary options broker that doesn’t provide access to the most important technical tools, but it is always a good idea to stay safe and check whether the broker you’ve chosen will allow you to use the tools needed for technical analysis.

6. Demo Account
Demo accounts are an important part of your education and you should never use the services of a binary options broker that doesn’t give you the opportunity to trade via a demo account. Demo accounts are a great way to try different strategies, to get familiar with the interface of the trading platform and to learn more about binary options trading without risking your money.

7. Customer Support

Since you are a beginner, it is very likely that you’ll need to use the services of the support team at least 2-3 times a week. This is why you should make sure your brokers employees are skilled, experienced, helpful and polite enough in order to answer your questions and help you improve your trading skills.

Final Words!!!
Choosing a broker can take some time, but we guarantee that the time you spend reading reviews and characteristics of different brokers won’t be lost in vain! Making the right decision in such a situation is one of the keys to start a successful binary options trading career. In the next posts we’ll teach you how to use the information above in order to choose a trustworthy and convenient binary options broker.


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